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    In the end this all boils down to the press' dimwitted notion of what objectivity is.  They have come to believe that objectivity is giving credence to both sides of an argument.  So if one side says something and the other side says the opposite, they present both perspectives as though they were equivalent.  This is a side effect of the corporatized media where there's no value in analysis because analysis is expensive.  Easier to report both sides than to seriously figure out which side is right.

    Tip to the media, just because Bush hasn't been found guilty of breaking the law by a court doesn't mean it's not illegal.  The law, as written is clear.  If you go out and murder somebody, it doesn't mean it's not illegal until a court prosecutes you.

    The justification that the press is offering up here seems to suggest they'd be okay with Bush ordering assassinations of political opponents in the US.  Maybe that is within his power.  I mean until a court finds him guilty, then I suppose we'll never know.

    --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

    by sterno on Mon Mar 13, 2006 at 09:59:45 AM PST

    •  The media ... (0+ / 0-) doesn't really present "both" sides equally. Figuring out which side is right is subjective, and you can see a perfect example of how that plays out by watching Fox. They've figured it out. When I hired journalists and taught journalism, I always pointed out that most "arguments" have MORE than two sides and that a reporter's job is to give the fairest coverage of all points of view as s/he can.

      Then, if s/he wants, write an Op-Ed about it. Today, we get the Op-Eds interwoven with the reporting. Thus we see, hear and read half-assed distortions of views contrary to the reporter's or reporter's bosses, when, that is, they're not actually being a conduit for government disinformation.

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