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    The author really didn't need to say anything to settle this controversy except cite that last clause of Art I, sec 8, as was finally done in the second-to-last paragraph.  Nor does anything beyond that need to be said to completely refute the so-called "unitary executive" theory we have heard so much of lately.  Yes, it should be conceded to these theorists as a logical necessity that the public power must reside unilateraly in one location, despite all the blather we hear in civics class about "separation of powers".  Unfortunatley for these theorists, that one place is in the Congress, not the Presidency.  Ours is a democratic republic, not an elected dictatorship.  But we are sorely in need of a Congressional majority that has the will to assert this power.  Such a majority could effect a peaceful revolution in our government, not needing to set up a guillotine on the Mall, because it already has in its hands all the reins of power, if it would only use them.

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