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  •  asdf (4.00)
    "The office of the Presidency is bigger than the man and we would have been in deep trouble had he been killed"

    This is contradictory.  If the office is bigger than the man, then the man is replacable and life goes on regardless of the particular person holding the office.  On the other hand, if we go bottoms-up if the man is killed, then the office is less than the man, since it is the survival of the particular man which is overriding.

    I say the office is more important - if for no other reason than we kick the man's sorry ass out every 4/8 years (excepting FDR).  The President effectively has many millions of sucessors (ie every natural citizen over 35 who has lived in the US for the last 14 years), so his death will not cause life in the US to wink into nonexistence - worse comes to worse, the states can simply keep sending interim Congress-critters to Washington to appoint an interim Speaker of the House who gets a real quick promotion.  Now many of these will be useless, because short-order cooks are rarely foreign-affairs savants, but in a theoretical Tom Clancy scenario, this puppy can keep on going a long damn time before we run out of decent replacements and have to delve into the realm of Amway salesmen.

    Cheney should have been sent into hiding - at least for the first few days (his long-term mole-man survivability experiment was an exercise in fear rather than prudence) - as a back-up, but Bush should have been front and center.  Let's face it: he's damn useless for anything else except professional target, and it would have sent the message that the country was resolute - instead of the message that our leaders think of their own skins before those of their citizens.

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