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  •  The distinction (0+ / 0-)

    A) If you or a Daily Kos editorial tell people to donate to ActBlue, without giving a link, then it seems to me that you're acting as a clearly private individual. If the Republican Party simply tells people to donate to Republicans, that's not a campaign finance issue.

    B) Suppose you go around wearing a special Bink Suit that's equipped with a credit card swiper. You ask your friends to swipe their cards through the swiper and give to ActBlue that way. In that case, I think you would have to obey a bunch of campaign finance laws. Maybe you would be a PAC or something.

    C) What if instead your Bink Suit included a special Blackberry computer that gave your friends the ability to donate directly to ActBlue. In that case, I think you'd legally be more like someone carrying a credit card swiper than someone just telling people to donate to ActBlue.

    It seems to me that, in Case C, the law that would apply to you be really tricky. Maybe you would either have to be part of a PAC (or some other FEC-registered organization) or else the FEC would have to come up with complicated rules explaining why you wouldn't have to work through an FEC-registered organization.

    •  This issue of providing a link that you have (0+ / 0-)

      mentioned now several times seems to be a bit of a technicality.  I'm not sure I'm so convinced that is a major pivot.

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