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View Diary: Where's Delaware Dem when you need him to defend the Party? (72 comments)

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  •  We Can Do Both (5+ / 0-)
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    ben masel, agoldnyc, gmb, Sean C, tri

    Witness Connecticut, where many of us are supporting Ned Lamont's challenge to Joe Lieberman.  See Vermont, where we're supporting Bernie Sanders, who is NOT a Democrat.

    Why can't we both support Democrats most of the time - and especially support them when they support the working people they are supposed to represent - and support others when and where it's necessary?  

    It's funny to see the party hacks get all wound up when we refuse to support "Democrats" who do not stand up for us, but only for themselves and how they think they might be perceived by the electorate in the next election (see Iraq War resolution, 2002).  

    Many of us are working to create the kind of party we want to see.  Many of us also support abandoning "Democrats" when they abandon us.

    •  Most Democratic candidates for congress (3+ / 0-)
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      Carnacki, Sean C, DemocraticLuntz

      work their way up from the local level.  There are very few who are elected to the Senate, especially, coming from nowhere.  Voting for libertarian and green candidates as a protest on the local level will get us nowhere, and will certainly not help to build good future democratic candidates.  Generally third party candidates have very little power, unless your in California, or some other area where they are unusually popular.  A third party vote is a wasted vote, when we might use it to start a good Democratic candidates career.  

      Besides Bernie Sanders will caucus with the Democrats and he is a real exception to the rule.

      It is possible to abandon some Dems in favor of better ones, but that is different than abandoning the Democratic party.  I believe in the party.  We have a long history and roots to be proud of.  It is a struggle,but worth it in my estimation.  Certainly better than bitching all the time about how horrible Democrats are.  That gets really old.

      •  But, When (5+ / 0-)
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        moira977, Carnacki, pat bunny, gmb, tri

        I think what is so very frustrating to many of us is that Bush's approval numbers are in the 30s, people loathe the corrupt Republican Congress, and most Americans think we need to get the hell out of Iraq yesterday.  

        If the Democrats will not stand up and fight the Republicans in this atmosphere, when will they ever?

        Enough of "keeping the powder dry."  Enough of trying to game the electorate.  Stand up, already.  The Democrats aren't just failing their party, they're failing the country.  Our government was not designed for one party rule.  It is supposed to be adversarial. Get up and fight these bastards.  

        •  Absolutely it is frustrating, (0+ / 0-)

          but I think more goes on than meets the eye.  There are a number of reasons which I have read in the media and elsewhere, why they may not be jumping at this right away like we would expect them to.  None of the reasons have to do with cowardice.  

          I do also think that, as someone has already pointed out below, they were caught off guard and expected to be able to articulate their response off the cuff with no preparation.  Who, in any profession, can do that or is prepared to do that?  It might also be beneficial to the people in the country if they did not vote on it right away, but instead were forced to have hearings first.  It would keep it in the press longer and bring the point home better.

          Notice that Frist doesn't want any of this to be aired in investigations, or to be extended any longer than possible.  He wanted a vote within a day.  How responsible is that and how realistic is it to think that this should be decided immediately when it has only happened one time in history. Maybe some democrats would like to see some witnesses so that if it comes back later they can stand on firm ground instead of saying well I just knew it was illegal in my heart.

          On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen.  Maybe the democrats just are afraid of it and don't want to support it.  Or maybe it is a mixture of everything.

          We shall see.  But I am not willing to constantly jump on the condemnation train the very second something is put out there like Feingold did just 24 hours ago.

          •  Points Taken (5+ / 0-)
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            moira977, pat bunny, gmb, hopscotch1997, tri

            But we've been down this road a few times, waiting to see the Dems' grand strategy (or giving them time to put one together).  We haven't fared well.  We rank-and-filers play Charlie Brown, and the party plays Lucy.

            I'm not abandoning the Democrats. But I will only donate directly to certain campaigns, and I will only vote for those who stand up for what the Democratic Party is supposed to represent.

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