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View Diary: Where's Delaware Dem when you need him to defend the Party? (72 comments)

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  •  Absolutely it is frustrating, (0+ / 0-)

    but I think more goes on than meets the eye.  There are a number of reasons which I have read in the media and elsewhere, why they may not be jumping at this right away like we would expect them to.  None of the reasons have to do with cowardice.  

    I do also think that, as someone has already pointed out below, they were caught off guard and expected to be able to articulate their response off the cuff with no preparation.  Who, in any profession, can do that or is prepared to do that?  It might also be beneficial to the people in the country if they did not vote on it right away, but instead were forced to have hearings first.  It would keep it in the press longer and bring the point home better.

    Notice that Frist doesn't want any of this to be aired in investigations, or to be extended any longer than possible.  He wanted a vote within a day.  How responsible is that and how realistic is it to think that this should be decided immediately when it has only happened one time in history. Maybe some democrats would like to see some witnesses so that if it comes back later they can stand on firm ground instead of saying well I just knew it was illegal in my heart.

    On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen.  Maybe the democrats just are afraid of it and don't want to support it.  Or maybe it is a mixture of everything.

    We shall see.  But I am not willing to constantly jump on the condemnation train the very second something is put out there like Feingold did just 24 hours ago.

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      But we've been down this road a few times, waiting to see the Dems' grand strategy (or giving them time to put one together).  We haven't fared well.  We rank-and-filers play Charlie Brown, and the party plays Lucy.

      I'm not abandoning the Democrats. But I will only donate directly to certain campaigns, and I will only vote for those who stand up for what the Democratic Party is supposed to represent.

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