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    Pelosi spammed me today, emailing as the "Democratic Leader" from her address, begging for money solely on the basis that Republicans suck, telling me "How to Beat Bush in 2006".

    I replied to the message, telling her to back Feingold's censure in the House, to tell Democrats they don't get money to campaign unless they back Feingold's censure. To do her job or get a real one in some other line of work.

    And then I sent another reply, on reading this story, telling Pelosi she was out of her mind spamming me on the same day she's weaseling out of protecting my free speech on the Internet. That she better support HR1600, and not just weasel around on HR4900.

    They really think spam is just cheaper junk mail that their CAN-SPAM act gives them a monopoly to abuse. They forgot the power of the reply button.

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