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  •  A belated reply ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... as I am on the road and have been largely off the net since Friday...

    Here's the question I have: do you, or did you believe that passage of 1606 would, in fact, jeopardize your comprehensive solution? Because the only reason I can even contemplate that scenario is if folks only promised to support it if 1606 were kiled.

    Yes, I do.  The blogosphere seems to only want 1606, and I think there is little to no chance that 4900 would get any momentum behind it if 1606 passes.  In this Congress, little passes without very strong momentum.  And further, if 1606 passes, there is not a bat's chance in hell that 4900 would pass in time to protect bloggers for the 2006 election.  [And to be clear, I believe that the reform community is committed to the protections for individuals in 4900 no matter what -- as far as I can tell, absolutely no one ever wanted individuals to be burdened by the rules, and I think we are all struggling to find the best way to protect them.]

    I do agree that in retrospect it would have been far better to get 4900 teed up in Congress months ago.... we delayed for a particular reason that ultimately did not pan out....

    And I certainly was not meaning to suggest that you shut up.  You are a very thoughtful voice in this conversation.


    •  sorry, the 'shut up' line (0+ / 0-)

      Was simply an attempt at a smile referencing good President Chirac.

      So here's a proposal - wide out in the open: if we get 1606 through - I'll be just as loud and involved in the process to get 4900 through the traps as I have been up to now.

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