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View Diary: Bush Disapproval Map: What More Do The Democrats Want? (322 comments)

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  •  I just read a Garrison Keillor piece (6+ / 0-)

    that asked the rest of the Republican party to "save us" from George Bush. Because the Democrats can't/won't do it.

    The head of the National Security Agency under President Ronald Reagan, Lt. Gen. William Odom, writes on the Web site that he sees clear parallels between Vietnam and Iraq: "The difference lies in the consequences. Vietnam did not have the devastating effects on US power that Iraq is already having." He draws the parallels in three stages and says that staying the course will only make the damage to US power greater. It's a chilling analysis, and one that isn't going to come from the Democratic Party. It's starting to come from Republicans, and they are the ones who must rescue the country from themselves.

    What an utterly depressing idea: the Democrats are dropping the ball so completely that ordinary people may look to the Republicans to "fix" the mess.

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