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  •  a short answer (it's hoops time) (3+ / 0-)
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    bronte17, Monkey In Chief, nonnie9999

    Many of those who oppose HR 1606 and support the alternative bill believe that a partisan website like this one should not be able to take advantage of the media exception in the same way that partisan print publications or talk radio shows do.  They believe there's something more dangerous about freedom in this media than in others, that bloggers can't be trusted with it.  Go back to the Rep. Tom Allen quote above -- there's a lot of people who probably wish he hadn't said that.

    •  good points (0+ / 0-)

      I wish the argument would revolve around rhetoric like this comment.  I wish we were being educated about the media exception.

      I wish kos were telling us specifically what he would not be able to do... he acts as though he only option will be to shut down which to me is like business men that say they'll just have to leave the country if you raise their taxes at all... all it tells me is they want all or nothing, not what's really at stake.

      PS: and I just realized in my frenzy I've been calling it 1066 and I just hope people understand I mean 1606 and not the BALANCE act of 2003, also internet related.

      •  1066 (2+ / 0-)
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        The Gryffin, nonnie9999

        I just though you meant the Battle of Hastings.

      •  I'm sorry (0+ / 0-)

        I've read all of these posts and my head is spinning. So, HR1606 does not give the Fereralies the authority to shut down this site?

        Or when Kos says that they'll try to shut down the site, he means that they'll impose regulations impossible for small blog owners to keep up with? pyrrho? Kos? Anyone?

        I guess what I don't understand is if this bill passes what the consequences really are. Sorry I'm dense. I get my 4s around here being cute, not smart.

        Here's what I think (if anyone cares): If passionate people like the Kossaks or the Redstaters wake up one morning and find their favorite blog/newssource/community gone--it won't matter if it was shut down due to Pelosi pulling the plug or Markos packing it in. People will be making papier-mache masks in the guise of Guy Fawkes and making Seattle's WTO riots look like a Strauss waltz. Taking away blogs, wikis, etc. (is email under attack, too?) at this point will be like taking away people's cable tv.

        And if anybody thinks that they'll only go after the big blogs, think about all the ten-year-old girls that were arrested after downloading Excitable Lars.

        We are all insurgents now.

        by The Gryffin on Thu Mar 16, 2006 at 08:58:43 PM PST

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        •  you're not dense (1+ / 0-)
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          The Gryffin

          one big complaint of mine in this is that kos is not sorting out those details and claryfying what's really happening, the issues are munged together and I feel a sense of fear is being fomented, fear without detail.


          HR1606 is the one kos WANTS passed, it would legislate the current hands off policy toward the net which has so far been due to FEC discretion and magnanimity.

          HR4900 is the really nasty sounding bill that would possibly require at least registering, and it would appear other hoops and hurdles for larger blogs.

          No one tells me what practices, specifically, are expected to be in danger here if HR1606 doesn't pass, that is, if there is no law passed and the FEC continues to regulate based on the general campaign finance law.

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