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  •  yes, it's a tough question to answer, (0+ / 0-)

    and probably an impossible line to draw.

    I certainly don't want to suggest blogs don't have ethics, and thus the FEC needs to step in -- sigh....

    Again, I think one good way to talk about why dKos -- or other online media that are successful because of the extent of public participation -- may warrant an "exception" from campaign financing regulations applied to big fundraisers is to make sure people (nonbloggers) understand that the majority of the editorial contributions, and the majority of fundraising requests (requests, at least, if not successful requests?) -- come from unsolicited, unscreened content posted by people who are not employees of the blog owner, and made successful (with comments, with recommends) by people who are not employees of the blog owner.

    Maybe this concept is incomprehensible to people who don't read blogs. Certainly no argument will work with people whose agenda is controlling the blogs and/or the flow of campaign contributions coming from them.

    thanks for the reply.

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