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    thanks for the reply.

    The MLW angle is fair... of course, the impact of kos' opinion is far different and reason to discriminate, for example, a more urgent tone to correct kos and a less urgent for another that is not being so widely and carefully listened to.  But I don't fall back on that, you are right, and I take the caution to be consistent is important.  I have actually been working on a "tone" diary about "radicalism" and "non-violence" and rhetoric for MLW... I'm not saying there is no issue there.

    "I see his objections to being about closing down an avenue for people to get money to candidates they support and for people to gain access to information about the candidates, and restricting that access to, mmm, something like corporate approved sources, although that's not really the term I'm looking for."

    my problem with him giving that impression is that the regulations would not literally shut down the site, they would put some regulation in place that had to be adhered to, "shutting down the site" is what kos says he'll have to do, he's basically saying it won't be worth it, and that's where the corporate similarities come in (not that I dislike corporations, or think blogs shouldn't be private-businesses, MLW is private too for that matter), but the similirities come in because this is what capitalist businesses also say when you want to regulate them "we'll be forced to shut down (or move to Bopal where there is freedom)".

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      I think I see more what you mean.

      I guess I think more of Kos as an upstart. Yes, he has influence but I think the blogs as a whole have influence --- of course, i also think each of us as individuals have influence, whether we realize it or not.

      And I think I'm also considering it very much from the angle of what's going on here in terms of small producers vs factory farmers. Tyson et al are esp. apt examples --- they're throwing their weight around Oklahoma, in part to protect their monopoly, but also to stop some lawsuits against them dead in the tracks (the state of Okl and some other entities are suing Tyson and the state of Arkansas for polluting our groundwater and rivers with chicken poop).

      But right down the road from me is a turkey farm which raises heritages and has become somewhat famous --- they were even featured on Martha Stewart. ! Seriously.

      Yet they're suffering just as much at the hands of the govt and Tyson.

      To me, Kos is ~ to the heritage turkey farmer, and the bulk of our small producers ~ to the blogs as a whole. A desirable phenomenon which many people know about and want, but lacking supermarket level visibility (think FOX as ~ to Tyson or Hormel, easily available to everyone, in contrast to the small producers who are much more difficult to seek out and find).

      I'm not against regulation, mind you. I am against undue influence in establishing regulations, esp. when it looks like an attempt to shut down the upstarts.

      But we'll see where this goes. I'm not a media lawyer and I'm still pretty fuzzy on the details here.

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