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  •  I think it is worse than you state (8+ / 0-)

    and you state it incredibly well.

    I believe we have a strategic goal of creative chaos. For a continuous violence that will justify permanent occupation of Iraqi oil fields.

    I believe that a malevolent calculus was and has been in play. Deploy American troops to an area they know little about - That has a hostile climate and a hostile populace. Our troops cannot speak the language. They cannot even read the language. Now, arm them to the teeth especially with rifles(and hide their eyes with sunglasses to frustrate even a kind or understanding look). Arm them with Rifles that they hold in the air in phallic challenge in a culture wreeking of macho phallic power. A culture whose demographics is heavy with boys in their teenage years. Boys who are unemployed. Boys with nothing to do but daily confront the castration and impotence of their fathers.

    Now let nature take it course. Seething anger, animosity, incredible frustration and periodic outbursts by both sides is the predictable outcome. A lesson learned in Vietnam I might add.

    What you describe is not just a forseeable outcome. It is an outcome the puppetmasters are relying on. Mission accomplished. Evil - sadistic - mission accomplished.

    Play with the political process all you want Condi. The die has been cast and the Rumsfeld's of the world have rigged the game. Victory - they don't need no stinkin victory - they just need controlled chaos. That's why Rumsfeld always has that evil grin - he's outsmarted everybody and that's why he loves his job. He would do it for nothing. Hell he's paying to do it. 73 years old and still outsmarting everybody and bullying the Generals.

    Parody - another thing getting harder and harder to do in Bushevik America.

    by Carbide Bit on Sat Mar 18, 2006 at 04:50:17 PM PST

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