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  •  C'mon Joe (0+ / 0-)

    What did I lie about? White Phosphorus? The tonnage of bombs dropped on Baghdad? And are you implying that my previous post somehow makes Bush look good? How does that logic work?

    I don't know your deal Joe, but I see that you have a bad habit of calling people names and prejudging folks who disagree with you, so I'm not sure an attempt to discuss the facts of this war is going to work here. But I'm curious nonetheless, what in particular do you think I lied about in my previous post?

    •  Still there? (0+ / 0-)

      What did you lie about?  Oh, the tied, bound, executed, war crime part about the incident you posted about.  As I said before, anyone with an ounce of battlefield or medical experience knew instantly you were, at the least, duped.  Look, you were wrong.  Just admit it and move on.  You are right that this war is a tragic mistake.  And yes, you do make Bush look good.  Anytime an American wrongly accuses American soldiers of atrocities, it makes Bush look good.  The soldiers are not the problem.  The war is.  Bush and all the Senators who voted for it, to include the last Democratic nominee and probably the next.    

      So I answered you.  Now answer me.  What exactly are you doing in your rage and zeal that approximates the risks those soldiers are taking?  Bloggers elbow and paper cuts don't count.  

      I'd be glad to discuss the facts of this war, assuming you know any.  I know this war too well.  My basic point, and I'll try to explain it again, it that by confusing the soldier with the cowardly and stupid politicians who keep him in this disaster of a war, you reinforce that the opposition to W is composed of hate America firsters.  It's not helpful.

      And I do call a few names.  Like Feinstein's idiotic proposal to make the battlefield more dangerous, if that is what you were referring to.  I'll go back to Iraq, willingly, because it is my job.  How about not making it harder?

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