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View Diary: Throw the Bums Out - Part 2 (192 comments)

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  •  What happened to GoVOTE (0+ / 0-)

    I really miss his McClellanesque attempts to defend Joementum's indefensible conduct.


    •  i don't remember govote (0+ / 0-)

      ever defending joe lieberman.

      except to those who attacked joe's religion.  i remember those thread well.  "there's blood on the beard".  the beard he grew for his dead mom.

      this is typical of the bullshit.

      govote has criticized joementum.  govote was about dem inclusiveness and criticized joe on those counts.  cause lieberman, like many on the blogs, is not inclusive.

      some folks attacked joe in a way that was NON-inclusive.

      and so the guy gets called a cheerleader for joe's shitty rhetoric.

      lieberman is wrong.  wrong politics.  wrong for the party.

      everyone knows this.

      but this doesn't give irate people carte blance to behave like armando.

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