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  •  What a relief that 320 must have been (0+ / 0-)

    My son's FIL, a few years older then you, had an even higher one. He said something like it was the luckiest day of his life. His wife and mother of his 3 kids was a bit offended but that didn't shake him. He didn't know if he'd even have met her or who he would be if he'd had a low draft number.

    Thanks for relaying the reasons for war and they are pretty much the ones I know. Maybe I don't grasp that fear of Communism...especially when it's a little nation across the world. There is just something in it I can't wrap my mind around. We have a strange and destructive ways of saving countries.

    What does click in from what you said were that the policy makers at the time had the experience or images of WWII. Now it seems being in a war themselves they'd be slow to send so many off to fight this vague thing, but I can see that they'd be sure and want to make sure we "won". (Whatever it is we had to win)


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