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  •  What the Democrats can't seem to do... (4+ / 0-) work as a team, because had the whole party signed on with Feingold, the message would have be, "Democrats challenge President". Its the 5 going this way... 7 going that way... 11 going nowhere quickly... that is holding us back.

    In 1994, the Republicans settled on an agenda and whether people agreed with it whole-cloth, the Contract with America presented another direction.

    Get a large majority of Democrats on the same page... 5 things they can all agree on... five ways to challenge the status quo... and then we'll have a momvement.

    Every woman and man for themselves aint going to cut it.

    •  since you mentioned Feingold.. (3+ / 0-)

      We had dinner last night with some friends.  These are relatively (compared to some of our other friends) politically aware people, with views similar to ours.  They'd consider themselves good Democrats of the left-leaning variety. They're not online much at all (we actually have to use the phone to get in touch :-).

      So, during dinner we mentioned our trip to Vegas for a "netroots Democrat convention" (YearlyKos didn't mean anything to them :-), if you've got a better descriptor of the event for non-Kossacks I'll take it!).  Steve asked me "So, if elections were today who would you support?" Without missing a beat, I said "Russ Feingold".

      His response... "Who?"

      I have to admit my followup was something along the lines of "Excuse me? You don't know who he is?" And I realized how much more aware we are here than are most of the good people out there who'd like to do the right thing with their vote. We need that kind of organized- even semiorganized- "movement", so that Joe and Jane Citizen can't help but know what's going on.

      Don't wanna be an American idiot, one nation controlled by the media.

      by brillig on Mon Mar 20, 2006 at 10:33:00 AM PST

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      •  That's why Feingold has to do stunts like that (0+ / 0-)

        Gets his name in the paper.  I personally believe, given his pattern, he would have done the same thing had he not be running for president-but he knows that it helps him.

        In any case, the primaries aren't name recogintion surveys.  New Hampshirians and Iowans get to have coffee with basically every canidate running.  That's when the primaries are decided, not any time before then.  Basically, it doesn't matter if your friends don't know Feingold now.  All that matters is that Feingold talks a good game in the living rooms of people in those two states.

      •  re: politically aware (0+ / 0-)

        I had made a similar realization with the Ciro primary. Awake at 1 am waiting for the numbers to come in, thinking, "how am I getting up for work tomorrow? Wait, I'm one of maybe a 1000 people that cares enough to do this. Hell, even the people that voted will just read the paper in the morning." So I turned on [adult swim] and still couldn't get up in the morning. Next day I confirmed ciro had lost, and realized I didn't care that much either.
        Deep breaths brothers and sisters. Try to enjoy the political absurdity while it lasts. Few generations have the opportunity to witness stupidity on such a galactic scale. Consider it all a b-grade horror film, incredibly gruesome and hilarious.

    •  'I'm not a member of any organized party' (0+ / 0-)

      I'm a Democrat.

      Democrats think for themselves, which means they are all over the place.  Republicans goosestep to the same drummer.  If we all marched in perfect formation, we wouldn't be Democrats any more.

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