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    One of the things I worry about is people losing their energy and not doing enough to win over the populace and get out and vote.

    While we wait for the organized Dems to come up with a program, we can just go out there and, by word of mouth, talk up the Dem ideas we like--If the Dems take power they will begin to end the war in Iraq, end corruption and incompetence in DC, start to end our dependence on foreign oil and bring security to our communities through more attention and resources to first responders, education and health care.  Simple message.  Pass it on to family, frineds, coworkers, people who may now for the first time be receptive.  If people want more specifics, there is lots on the various Dem policy sites.

    And then get out and work for the next 8 months.

    Then wwe can push the party to make good.

    "False language, evil in itself, infects the soul with evil." ----Socrates

    by Mimikatz on Mon Mar 20, 2006 at 10:08:42 AM PST

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