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  •  You want to defeat Bush? (0+ / 1-)
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    Bush is starting to really piss off some of his base.

    You want an issue to hit him with?

    Afghan law calling for the execution of Muslims who convert to Christianity.

    Call every right wing / Christian radio station you can find and scream this out loud. In fact, we should start some clandestine front groups and plaster billboards in every Red state with this message. George Bush supports Christian killers.

    Then...we will see what happens to that base of his.

    •  Fueling the fire? (0+ / 0-)

      I feel that there's already an undercurrent of this war playing into the final showdown between Christianity and Islam. Given the PR problem that Islam already has in this country, the execution of Christians could very well be the thing that sends W's base screaming for more troops to be sent, more money to be spent, and more divine retribution to vent.

      "Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. To get good people to do bad things, you need religion."

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