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  •  New Voting Machines Make Voting Obsolete, Useless (2+ / 0-)
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    Schadenfreude, pissedpatriot

    HAVA has put enough voting machines in place around this country to ensure that Republicans don't have to worry about getting enough voters to the polls to vote FOR them. The machines can do that all by themselves.

    That fact aside. Democrats have NO MESSAGE and are willing to paint people like me, who contributed large sums of money to various Dem campaigns in 2004, as radical fringe. The Republicans pump up their base and build momentum. The Dems are afraid of their base and want them to simply shut their mouths and send in money.

    By this time in 2004 I had sent into over $1000 to campaigns. This year I supported two candidates: Ciro Rodriguez and Ned Lamont and have spent $100 to date. One (Ciro) was a loser and, in response to a post here, his supporters then spewed off telling me, a New Yorker, how much I didn't know about Texas politics. It was a wake-up call. I'll let the folks in other states do their own fighting and fund their own candidates.

    I hate Lieberman enough to send cash to Lamont, but that's about it. I'm not excited by any races and as an Independent I'm not won over by the arguments from Dem supporters. If my choice is to select the lesser of two evils, I just assume not vote and send my money to anarchist groups seeking to destroy the system.  

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