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    And don't forget their rabid base.  In midterm elections, turnout is key.  One thing the Thugs are very, very good at is turning out the base on election day.  We better hope like hell for clear skies and sunshine.

    Turnout was the key in the Presidential election.  They did a better job than we did.  They whipped up the Fundies and they won.  Whether or not there was election fraud in Ohio, BushCo won the popular vote.  IMO, it had a lot to do with a visceral dislike of Kerry – yet another wishy-washy Democrat.  If we give them more wishy-washy Democrats, our voters will continue to stay at home.

    It is their base.  The flag waving, psycho Fundie dinosaurs that would rather freeze to death in a snow storm than see more Democrats elected.  That is the Republican’s secret weapon.  We have a strong base, but theirs is deeper and fanatical.  Until we figure out how to make our base as rabid as theirs, we can’t count on poll numbers, unpopular wars or a disintegrating economy.  Wait and see won’t make it happen.  Compromise won’t make it happen.  We need a clear message to rally around.  We need strong leaders speaking out (Bless you Feingold and Murtha).  Sitting on our hands will give us a repeat of election night 2004.  All smoke and happy promise – dissipated on a breeze of hate.

    Meet me in Cognito, baby

    by out grrl on Mon Mar 20, 2006 at 11:20:08 AM PST

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