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    Undocumented workers are already suffering from immoral corporate practices, low wages, threats of deportation,ect. The big reason that this is now on the national stage is that it is impacting American worker's wages. It is the buisness end that we need to go after.
    I've done a little polling of my own, talking with people I know who are being hammered by this. One friend is and has been in construction for over 30 years. He's used to moving from job to job, that's the nature of the biz. Now he is brought in to set up the job and then canned as soon as the illegals, who he calls "the amigos" can take over. He likes them, and says that they are hard workers, nice guys, he really doesn't hold this against them. I believe that most who work side by side can see the unfairness of this. We need to keep the focus on the companies and we can humanely win this.

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