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  •  Agree the better strategy is to strike decisively (0+ / 0-)

    when the time is right, but NOT hastily.

    It’s odd Kos claimed Feingold’s censure caused a lot of “heartburn” on the right. Where? From what I’ve read they’ve been quietly polling censure and impeachment regularly for months, and every poll shows it’s a loser for Democrats, losing moderate votes and boosting Republicans turnout. The GOP has been praying for a premature censure/impeachment action from the left.

    The poll cited here showed about 20% was still “undecided” particularly among moderates who were already trending towards disapproval. One can assume if the undecided Republicans and moderates continue that trend there would be perhaps a 10 pt disapproval of censure. Not a good way for Democrats to retake Congress.

    Frist motioned to hold the vote that day if he could. There is nothing Republicans would enjoy more than to put Democrats on the record now closing the issue presuming they vote against. If they voted for, prematurely ahead of public opinion, that would probably drive moderates to the right and tip the scales back in Republican’s favor. If Democrats and the left generally fail to bring moderates along with them, then what do we have? Zip.

    There's no second prize, either we're in office and controling Congress, or not.

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