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    what I don't get is why anyone cares what a 24 year old know nothing douche bag named Ben thinks.  I really don't get why people read and/or pay for opinion from people who don't know jack.

    Personally if I want to know what is going on in Iraq, I'll look to private conversation with special force people we know.
    For politics, look to politicians BUT IN PRIVATE.Etc etc etc

    Here is the thing AMERICA, for the most part if it is in the mainstream it is either just full out propaganda, or it is bullshit, or it is just inane banter from someone who doesn't know shit, or it is watered down truth. Free, open exchange just isn't allowed in this societial climate. I could ask a question to a friend once in private and once "on the record" and the answers are not even close to one another

    Blogs I hold some hope for since anonomity allows people to speak a little more freely, but then again you aren't sure who exactly you are speaking with but at least the context of text allows you to make eductated guesses. Also if I were to read a blog it would be from people like Larry Johnson ex cia, not Ben ex domino delivery driver.

    So again, why people care what this little douchebag thinks, or some idiot like Coulter thinks, these people are just lunatics ( or shock infotainers) with a microphone, why the fuck listen.

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