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    This is a national outlet.  It is a FAR cry from the "choir" to which he's used to preaching.  A HUGE and rather diverse audience will bear witness to the Witless here....

    I, for one, think we should be writing in to the WaPo and THANKING them for exposing the Republi-crazy party for what it has TRULY become.

    I say give it a few days, or weeks...and my guess is that there will be so much "response" coming to the WaPo in opposition to such tripe that demands be made to shut him down.  Having only read snippets from, I say that this chickenhawk coward is not only a bigot, but a  yellow-bellied Bill O'Lielly wanna-be hiding behind his monitor to "fight" instead of enlisting into the very military he deems to support.  His very own words, combined with atrocious grammar, will expose what his "true colors" are to the rest of those Republicans who still have an inkling of dignity...(my guess is that his ONLY color is yellow)

    Shame will befall not only this coward, chickenshit, won't-DARE-support-the-military-the-way-it-counts (like Pat Tillman) punk, but it will also be bestowed upon his mothership: The Washington Post.  By endorsing such "chum" as anything useful or newsworthy, this newspaper has also signed its fate.

    We should be writing them all and thanking them for being so closed-minded, blinded, and ignorant in their quest for tyranny.  Their own hubris will be the biggest WAKE-UP call to the remaining lingerers of the Rational Right and wipe the cobwebs from their eyes.  No WAY would they want to ever associate with such Talibanistic Antics and blatant propaganda....
    ...would they?

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