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View Diary: "The only moral abortion is MY abortion" by Joyce Arthur (219 comments)

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  •  My idea for an anti-abortion law (10+ / 0-)

      I am pro-choice; however, given that anti-abortion laws are all the rage these days, I'd like to suggest an anti-abortion law that would be consistent with a pro-choice position, and yet will solve some of the problems outlined in this diary.

      The law will provide for a registry of women who are committed to not having an abortion.  Registration must be provably voluntary and one can only be registered if one is a non-dependent at least 18 years of age. Registrants may specify exceptions such as rape, incest, or if their lives are in danger. The registry will be public, so that they can bring copies to their church circles and show the degree of their commitment to the anti-abortion cause by pointing out their names on the registry.  One may drop one's name from the registry at any time, but having dropped, one may not re-register.

      The law will absolutely prohibit the provision of an abortion to a woman whose name is on the registry, unless, of course, she chooses to remove her name from the registry first.  

      I admit that we could have a situation where someone's husband, boyfriend, or boss insists on them registering and then threatens retaliation if they disappear from the registry.  I think the appropriate solution would simply be to refuse registry in all doubtful cases.

      In other ways as well, I suppose this is a lunatic solution.  But it's a lunatic solution to a problem of lunatics.

    •  I can see it now.... (2+ / 0-)
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      Bionic, splashy

      so the fundy girls will sign the registry and then go and get an abortion in Canada or Mexico to keep their names on the registry....

      A good start.  I once chased a woman out of a store wanting her to sign her family name on a list saying that if any developments whatsoever came of stem cell research that she and her family would go public now saying they would not take treatment from stem cell advances.  She couldn't get away from me fast enough.  I kept a paper in my purse and when the topic was so hot in Congress, I used to get into conversations with people anywhere and force their hand.  No one would ever sign.  Surprised?  A girl's got to have fun.

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