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View Diary: "The only moral abortion is MY abortion" by Joyce Arthur (219 comments)

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  •  The hell of it is that they'll still be able... (12+ / 0-)

    I know of politician's girlfriends and wives...of religious leader's daughters...of famous musician's daughters...etc. etc. who've had abortions.

    The hell of it is that they'll still be able to have safe, clean, private abortions after it's illegal, because they'll be able to go where it's safe, legal, and private, or at the very least safe and private, for people with their money and connections.

    Class prejudice is the big stinky elephant in this room. The slutty women who shouldn't be allowed to get away with having sex without facing the consequences are the lower, "jungly", sorts. Not decent respectable folk like us.

    Finem respice et principiis obsta—Consider the end, and thwart the beginning

    by Del C on Thu Mar 23, 2006 at 08:42:33 AM PST

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    •  Exactly (4+ / 0-)
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      I have married into two anti-choice/Conservative families, via an ex-husband and a grown son. Both of these families had teen-age daughters who got abortions; in one case, the girl had two abortions. I'm pleased to see this diary, as this has been bugging me for years!

      While neither of these families is wealthy, they are both on solid enough financial ground to finance a trip to Canada. Which reminds me of all the middle-class girls I knew growing up who were put on birth control pills "to regulate their cycles" -- not because they were having sex, goodness no!

      Those of middle-class and above means will always be able to get what they deny those of working class means. And then, they will also deny these women and children financial assistance.

      Just as an aside, the "patriarch" of one of these families was discovered (and forgiven) by his wife of subscribing to a sexual swingers magazine and meeting anonymous women for sex about 30 years ago. And as it turns out, he had a couple kids that no one knew about from more stable extra-marital relationships. The grown kids showed up a few years back.

      Liberals, in my experience, are a lot healthier about sex and relationships.

      I think they hate us for our freedoms!

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