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View Diary: Help Sioux Challenge SD's Abortion Ban [NEW info] (21 comments)

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  •  Wouldn't happen (0+ / 0-)
    • Resources are scarce and divided between tribal members.  
    • There is still a great deal of unresolved anger towards whites, though for the most part, a visitor will never know it and the people are amoung the most generous on earth.
    • Enrollment is determined by the amount of full blood an individual has and having cut off is essential, despite the great pain it causes when a grandchild cannot be enrolled because of enough mixed marriages in the family tree.  
    •  blood percentage (0+ / 0-)

      In my comment, I said that I think the standard is at least 1/8 native blood, traceable through genealogy records.  That's what I remember from a friend who was born on a reservation to parents of mixed race who were living there.  But, she was in the southwest, and I don't know if that's a general rule throughout the country, or goes by tribe or by reservation or something else.  Do you know what the relevant rules would be in this case?  Also, do you know of the Oglala tribe already has some potentially qualified doctors who, with some more training, might staff such a hypothetical clinic?  That would probably be best, for a bunch of reasons - especially if it becomes a reason to direct money to help train local doctors.

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