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  •  Sorry, but look at the numbers. (7+ / 0-)

    The vast majority of home-schooling is done by people like Ben's parents.  It's unfortunate, but true.  And I home-schooled my first-born for a year back when it was against the law in Missouri (1983), and every other family I met in that fight was a wingnut family.  There are fantastic home-schooled kids, but most of them really are of the wingnut variety.  So, even though I even know a few cool home-schooled kids, I stand by my rant.  But out of respect and affection for you and your firends, I would love to come up with a properly pejorative phrase for the likes of Benjy and his fam.  But I am too pissed-off right now to do it.  Anybody?

    •  Usually comes in a complete package... (2+ / 0-)
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      Cedwyn, lazybum

      I have a neighbor around the bend who displays all of the classic symbols on their vehicles:

      HS decal for Home Schooled
      Fish(es) for Christiandom
      Bush/Darth 04 sticker (what the heck were those things made of?  They last forever!)
      FL Pro-Life license plate

      At one time they also had some bumpersticker that said "faithful husband, I love my wife" or something.  I walk my dog on that route, so I get to see these symbols every day.

      I don't know these folks, but I gotta believe they are amazingly uninformed and/or willfully ignorant. God help us, they have several kids...

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