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View Diary: UPDATE 2: Joe Wilson SLAMS Scooter/Neocons: "Drive a Stake Through Their Hearts!" (303 comments)

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    ...just drive home to me just how much work will be needed during Reconstruction (when the Rethugs are booted out of the White House and from majorities in Congress). EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our daily lives: Education, our justice system, our national (as opposed to "Homeland") security, the economy, our jobs, our Constitutional rights, our environment, our social services, our churches, our medical care...(more coffee, Newton) has systematically been plundered by the GOoPers. Reconstruction starts here. And it starts NOW.

    "...and the ones that are lucky ones come home on the day after tomorrow..." -- Tom Waits

    by Newton Snookers on Sat Mar 25, 2006 at 07:42:12 AM PST

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