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View Diary: UPDATE 2: Joe Wilson SLAMS Scooter/Neocons: "Drive a Stake Through Their Hearts!" (303 comments)

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    Well, not necessarily literally, but more of their calibre in government, running for elected office.  When I first read and listened to Wilson on television, I was impressed, then reading his book, I was much more impressed, and with these speeches that he's making (based on the one so expertly covered in this diary) I continue to be impressed.  And each time I read or hear something about him, I think, "Why in the hell can't we find people like this to run for office in this country."  It's the integrity first, then the courage and convinction to create coherent and persuasive messages.  People like Wilson are desperately needed right now if we are going to be able to save this country from bankruptcy and totalitarianism.

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