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  •  Do Dem leaders want to win back the Congress? (2+ / 0-)
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    How is it that analysts and even Republican leaders know that Republicans have led so badly that the opposition, if there were an opposition, could take back Congress in the fall and begin impeachment proceedings?

    What are Democratic leaders scared of?

    Why is that Democratic leadership can't say the following?

    "A Democratic majority in the House or the Senate would be likely to launch hearings and investigations into the war and other issues, and would be positioned to stop the Bush agenda in the remaining two years of the Bush presidency."...

    Election analysts say Republicans could lose seats, if not their House and Senate majorities, if the public's gloomy view of Bush, Congress and the direction of the country does not brighten this summer."...

    "The Democrats' plan for 2006? Take the House and Senate, and impeach the president,"  Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, warned in a fundraising e-mail sent to party members this week. "With our nation at war, is this the kind of Congress you want?"...

    "Recent polls show a growing number of Americans questioning the competence of the Bush White House. Since the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Democrats have made the charge of incompetence the centerpiece of their attack on Bush, and many Republicans are worried that it is sticking. "...  

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