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  •  '...the crushing of children's testicles? ' (4+ / 0-)
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    Ah,nothing like scrambled eggs in the morning.

    With the exception of Feingold, and I have emailed, written or called more than 20 Senators' offices, no one has even a logical thread of rhetoric to explain their collective reticence, antipathy, and/or deafening silence on both the issues you present.  The NSA scandal may be one where these Senators can hide behind a purported need to scrutinize all of the legalities (since no one seems willing to state the obvious - that Bush subverted the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution)- and, therefore will continue to investigate and reserve judgment. (The DOJ middle-finger expiation should, you'd think, clarify the issue for these hostages of political self-preservation.)

    The Patriot Act signing addendum (illegally negating the entire document, which, if it could be proven would be fine with me), however, is an open-handed , fully-cocked slap in the face of an impotent, petulent, farcical Congress.  It makes me think that the NSA has already amassed dossiers on, certainly, all of the Democrats, and many of the Republicans (Snowe and Hagel come to mind); information that would find its way into a pliable media if need be. dear Democrats, there's a real danger that we--the base, the citizens who give a damn about the Constitution--will do nothing for you come midterms this year.

    Unfortunately, they know that we know that we can not afford not to support their tepid, pudding-brained campaigns of trembling like a scared shitzhu standing in a puddle of its own...
    no, waiting for their own metaphorical testicles to be crushed; the alternative would be a hegemonic army of robots like fulsome Frist.

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