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  •  Wave a sign! (0+ / 0-)

    That seems to be effective.
    If you wave it too hard though, you'll be in court for obstructing traffic.  Gotta keep the cars moving, that's really important, keeping those cars moving.


    Go to the public square, where I live we've got Pioneer Courthouse Square, and rant about the injustice.  Of course you'll have to contend with the "God Hates Fags" guys, and desk jockies who are simply trying to enjoy a sandwich on their 20 minute lunch break and wishing everybody would stop yelling.


    Invite some neighbors over with wine and cheese, once you have a few people, start talking about Bu$hco.  If a few of your friends can get together pool money for the wine.


    Do you have a Friends church?  Go, friend, speak about the evils of the misleaders in Washington.  


    Hobnob with other liberals in the neighborhood go to a march and say, "I'm looking for some friends who want to STOP Bu$h."


    There's always alcoholism. Who knows you may one day be President yourself.  If it worked for Bu$h...

    Jon Patrick
    Portland, Oregon

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