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  •  The situation continues to evolve (0+ / 0-)

    but essentially impeachment and censure are underway.
    The timing is designed to closely follow monumental wins in the 2006 elections. Even the Republicans will allow they are as of now losing the control, but by September/November they may well be looking for Osama bin ladin again because they are going to need that good a hiding place.

    The impeachment won't fail, because bottom line most people realize the next fall back, the next check and balance is in the Declaration of Independence.

    Even with just a simple majority impeachment will pass and go to the Senate for trial. The most likely outcome at that point is that wiser heads will prevail upon the President and Cheney to resign to allow some hope that they can blame us for all the disasters they have caused and come back in 2008

    Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

    by rktect on Sun Mar 26, 2006 at 02:27:53 PM PST

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    •  The real issue is once impeached in the house... (1+ / 0-)
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      ...does the Republican party want the trial in the Senate. With control of the judiciary and intelligence committees the Senate will have the suponea power to find out exactly what Bush-Cheney Rove Rummsfeld, Negroponte, Gross, Bolton, Wolfowitz, Halliburton, Exon and the NSA have been up to.

      There will be charges of kidnapping, torture, murder, rendition with all those really nasty photos, and all the Abramoff stuff, and the Katrina stuff and the scandals, scandals, scandals, people will be getting arrested and going to jail and making plea do you run anybody for President after they have been caught up in that?

      Actually, I kind of like the idea of the Republicans being the ones who will be getting medieval on their ass. They are the ones who will be concerned about 2008, they may not be too happy with the consequences of what this regeime has done to them.

      Since Bush and Gonzales have decided torture should be legal, maybe the Senates Inquisiton should just show Gonzales the instruments of torture.

      They won't actually be hanging him, drawing out and burning his intestines in front of his face, flaying him alive and then quartering him slowly, to see if at any point he decides he wants to talk, but he may get a bit of a roasting.

      The respondent in an impeachment proceeding is impeached by the adoption of the House of articles of impeachment. Only a majority vote is
      necessary, whereas a two-thirds vote of Members present is required in the Senate for conviction and removal

      Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

      by rktect on Sun Mar 26, 2006 at 02:53:45 PM PST

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