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  •  thanks for long reply (0+ / 0-)

    will need some careful reading esp on the USC rendering of impeachment.

    One point where i disagree is the need for special counsel (not the same as independent counsel, which i knew expired earlier). My diary provides some background info and links:

    • most senators have not been briefed on the wiretaps program (only 4 out of 100 have thus far been).
    • the NYT reported program only say some 500-1000 wiretaps have been authorized
    • you have leave open the possibility that the limited program reported on NYT can be demonstrated to be in the interests of national security
    • whistleblower Russ Tice claims that the actual wiretapping may be much larger than what was exposed by NYT, but he could'nt reveal details because of clearances. the article claims that it could be millions of Americans that may have been wiretapped
    • a congressional panel may have difficulty in digging up because of political reasons. every motion will come up for a vote in the committees.
    • Feinstein said that the NYT revealed program was actually a "good progam" or something like that. no one knows is she was shilling for Bush, but isn't it possible that she wasn't?

    Sure, Bush circumvented the law (but he claims const. authority, which will need to be rebutted in the Jud. cmte by Feingold), but American may be willing let is pass, if the program is limited in scope and was intended to benefit national security.

    The key therefore is whether the wiretaps were much larger than as reported by NYT. I am willing to bet that it is, and that's why you need a Fitzgerald that is driven only by fact finding and not politics. He'd need clearance to be able to conduct the investigation. His witnesses will need protections.

    Someone even need to dig into whether the clearnaces being claimed are actually genuine (or if it a tactic to stonewall).

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