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  •  Will Card be running the Iraq war as MA governor? (0+ / 0-)

    Bush's approval ratings are directly tied to his execution of the Iraq war.

    Perhaps I have a poor understanding of the role of the MA governor, but I don't think he will have much influence over the direction of the Iraq war.

    My point being that the reason people may disapprove of Card's past performance has nothing to do with running MA, and therefore shouldn't hurt him.


    I understand you and others have strong emotions when it comes to President Bush, but I don't see it as very difficult to get around the "negative Bush influence" that Democrats are currently counting so much on in the '06 election cycle.

    •  I don't get that line of reasoning (1+ / 0-)
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      Do you think that being one of the chief aides of an incredibly unpopular (in MA) President will be utterly irrelevant in a campaign? Anyone he's running against, in either a primary or the general, would tie him to Bush with steel cables; it would be the obvious attack.

      And Bush is unpopular for lots of reasons. The main one may be the Iraq war, but take a look at his approval ratings for the economy or health care. Those are issues that a state governor needs to care about.

      You may be right that Bush won't be a drag on the overall GOP ticket in November (I disagree), but I think the case of one of his closest aides potentially running in one of the most anti-Bush states in the country would qualify as an exception to that rule.


    •  I take it you are not from MA. (1+ / 0-)
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      Card's performance at the White House most definitely would be taken into strong consideration by MA voters.  The Bush administration has done MA no favors, and Card is unlikely to be considered favorably by any but the most diehard Bush supporters.

      •  Not 'utterly irrelevant.' 'Not hard to overcome.' (0+ / 0-)

        DMS and HRs Kevin,

        1. On the overall "Bush effect" on the '06 U.S. Senate and House campaigns... Of course it will have an effect in different areas.  I do believe that Democrats are depending way to heavily on this, however.
        1. I am from MA.  I've lived here my whole life, went to college here, and now work here.  If you look at the numbers more than the general impression of MA, you'll see that we are not as liberal as at first glance.
        1. Nowhere have I said that being the chief aide to an unpopular president will be "utterly irrelevant."  My point is that when you look at reality, past the strong emotions of the left, it is "not hard to overcome" a tie to Bush, even in Massachusetts.  The reasons I have already detailed, but I'll summarize again:
        1. When you are Chief of Staff to POTUS, you have the experience to be governor of a small state (relative to a NY, Texas, California, etc.).  Simply, Card can do the job.  Don't ignore that.
        1. No one has a good record on health care right now.  No one has an answer.  Not the Bush administration, not Democrats.  Low approval numbers in polls are not enough to get people to vote for someone else who doesn't have a solution, either.
        1. There are plenty of economic signs that Card can point to as his positive work on the economy.  And, it has been trending upward.  By the time November rolls around, the economy could be one of the Republicans strongest issues.
        •  Still think Card has no chance. (2+ / 0-)
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          morinao, hoplite9

          You are correct that MA is not as liberal as outsiders assume it is.  There are plenty of Republicans to go around. However, recent Republican governors have at least been able to pretend they were moderates; I don't think that Card will be able to pull that off.  From the start he will get zero votes from Democrats and will only be able to win some of the Independents.  He would also have to fend off a right-leaning independent candidate.  All the while he will continue to be stained by Bush's past and ongoing failures.

          I don't know why you mention healthcare, since that seems to me to be one of the Bush administration's weak points.  As states go, MA has pretty good healthcare, and I see no prospect of genuine improvement without raising or redirecting taxes or else putting it on the backs of employers: none of these seem to be viable options for a Republican candidate.

          One also has to ask why Card would even want to be governor of MA.  After all of the power and influence of his previous position, why would he want to preside over an overwhelmingly Democraticly controlled State House, where he would have little chance of accomplishing anything of note?

          I agree that Democrats should not be complacent about winning elections based on negative reactions to Bush. No doubt there will be a negative effect, but it probably won't change the outcome except for previously close races.

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