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  •  Jim Webb on John Kerry (1+ / 0-)
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    colorless green ideas

    As an observer (grew up with) of the Anti-War movement, as someone from New England and being more than familar with John Kerry ... as having reviewed just about every piece done on Kerry's service and having read or heard every Webb piece on the subject matter (NPR FrontlineUSA Today, etc.) ...

    Your opinion is way off the mark. Jim Webb is quite entitled to his opinion and during the last presidential campaign he presented it in a very fair and informed way with a view to both candidates. Quite frankly Bush was shown for what he was (evaded service through Dad's connection - Air Natl Guard) .... and Kerry was over the top in his criticisms after his return (anti-war activities).

    I couldn't have been more impressed with Webb ..... with how he handled and presented such professional editorial reviews ... on a subject matter that cuts quick to his heart.

    Not unlike his PURPLE HEART BREAKERS piece. Only the seriously misinformed would somehow connect an opinion of Jim Webb's with that of the SWIFT SHIT HEADS.

    Please get better informed.

    •  Entitled to his own opinion, not his own facts. (1+ / 0-)
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      Specifically regarding Kerry's 1971 testimony, Webb makes a huge factual error in distorting that testimony.

      And it is also a fact that Webb made the same error and distortion that the Swift Liars did.

      The Swift Liars added many other lies, though; and much of the rest of Webb's is more opinion. So I can understand that you might not see the comparison; although I disagree, because I do think some of Webb's other comments are comparable.

    •  Pretty well Informed Actually (1+ / 0-)
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      MH in PA

      I was involved in the Kerry campaign through my connection with veterans groups from my home state.  So, very much apprised of what happened because of Webb’s Op-ed.  In fact, if you research it, many commentators credit Webb as being the “first wind” behind the sails of the Swift Boat Liars.  

      Webb gave the Liars the necessary cover to misrepresent much of Kerry’s testimony as a first-hand accounting of facts.  It was not.  Much of Kerry’s testimony, including the parts cited in Webb’s Op-ed, were a third-person narrative – a retelling of stories Kerry had learned from other veterans.

      There are many other problems with Webb’s Op-ed, both factually and analytically.  It was a hack job, and straight out of the Rethugs playbook at that.

      •  SORRY for your sentiment ... but (0+ / 0-)

        Jim Webb is in no way connected with the Swift Shit ... and John Kerry's history is one he needs to account for.

        Both those men served honorably and it's their own disagreement to have. You may not know it but Webb voted for Kerry inspite of the conundrum.

        As a former military officer I'm quite sensative to both sides of this issue ... and I find yours colored by emotion (Kerry's loss). And oh yes ... while I voted for John Kerry ..

        You'd be hard pressed to find a stronger supporter of Jim Webb for Senate. When INTEGRITY matters.... Look to Webb.

        •  Integrity? Not in this context. (0+ / 0-)

          Webb misrepresented Kerry's 1971 testimony in a hit piece in a widely read national newspaper. A high schooler could read Kerry's testimony and know that Webb badly misrepresented it.

          At the very least, the Swift Liars copied some of their dirty work from what he wrote - so he is connected, even if it was unintentional at the time (which I  will not attest to).

          He voted for Kerry? GREAT. I would gladly he would've voted for Bush instead of penning that editorial. That editorial probably cost FAR more votes than his 1.

          Integrity: He cannot un-write his words, but a show of integrity now would be to admit that in his op-ed  he merely repeated others' interpretations that he had heard, and had made a terrible mistake by not re-reading the testimony himself and reassessing his opinion of it honestly.  And a sincere apology to John Kerry, VVAW, and anyone else he may have harmed by his error.

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