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  •  America (10+ / 0-)

    Has had a brief love affair with boot-strap, do it yourself, individualism. It started with a fear of commitment and appearing weak in any way. Compassion was equated with softness. The well knitted social fabric with it's cozy safety-nets started to look like a bad idea to the average Joe.

    I've watched it grow over the last thirty years or so. The women's movement scared the shit out of guys, all of a sudden "real men don't eat quiche" became a credo. The Vietnam vets started crowding up the streets with their PTSD and instead of helping them, we blamed them. We dismantled welfare and turned a blind eye to the horrors of inner city life. Every new problem became the nightly news' "America in Crisis". Victims everywhere and it's all their own damn fault. Reagan pushed it, daddy Bush rode it, and Clinton kept it humming.

    I think that we all are ready for a new direction. Our seniors are hanging by a thread, our young are in hock up to their assholes just to get an education, and people are finally getting pissed. If our politicians will just look to the street, listen to people instead of pundits. We can turn this thing around.

    FDR represented the govenment as servant and provider, a competent government that cared about it's citizens. Bushco represents a gov that only Grover Norquist could love, and I believe with my whole heart that we're fed up with it.

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