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View Diary: Lieberman Doesn't Rule out Ditching the Party (197 comments)

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  •  Anyone out there got Lexis-Nexis access? (0+ / 0-)

    Because getting a lecture from Joe Lieberman about party loyalty rankles, but it also reminds me of the 2004 presidential primary campaign, in which people like Lieberman asked whether Howard Dean would support the nominee if he lost the primary, implying that he wasn't a real Democrat if he wouldn't fall in line afterwards. Sound familiar, Joe?

    I'll give it another Google or two (I suppose I should be more precise than "Lieberman Dean 2004 primary support the nominee, bitch"), but I wouldn't be surprised to find that Lieberman was one of the party-loyalty enforcers a couple years ago... which would make him a hypocritical asshole for trying to avoid the same question and result now.

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