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View Diary: Lieberman Doesn't Rule out Ditching the Party (197 comments)

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    Unless you are guaranteed a victory, then it is useless to run for office?

    Guaranteed a victory?  Where the heck do you get that?  In any close race nobody is going to be guaranteed a victory, unless maybe the president of Diebold is on their side.

    However, I think if the majority of the people who are supposed to be most ammenable to your platform have already rejected your campaign, to switch parties and continue running is indeed a waste of time and effort that could be better spent finding ways other than stubbornly repeating yourself to bring people around to your point of view.

    There are better ways of getting attention than running lost-cause campaigns that the media is going to ignore anyway.

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      If you are the only anti-war candidate in the race of three people and we know that most americans are opposed to the Iraq war.

      How does that make your campaign a "lost-cause" considering that your campaign is the ONLY campaign representing a majority of the voters' opinions.

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