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View Diary: Cynthia McKinney At it Again! (254 comments)

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  •  I would have done the same thing (10+ / 0-)

    Whenever ANYONE grabs me, a female, from behind, you bet I would whop them, I would scream bloody murder and fight for my life! Because my life would be in jeopardy--you bet every woman regardless of race would do the very same thing!

    I am caucasian, Add to that, the racial componenet, who knows what I would have done.

    BUT if I were a Representative I would expect that the security would have done their job to know me by sight, and I bet you anything since I am a caucasian they sure would have known what I looked like.

    I am sure every security gaurd knows who Nancy Pelosi is, Caucasian Female, as well as every other Caucasin female BUT let one other 'suspecious' House Female member go through, well, they all 'look alike' don't they? AND they don't look like the 'majority of Caucasian" members of Congress!

    Women unite! We all would have done the very same thing if grabbed and attacked from behind--only our sisters of different ancestory would have a very different outcome than us!

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