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    One thing that I am very disappointed with my party is that we never condemn a black Democrat when he/she does something wrong.  Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership is very silent on this.  If the Congressional Black Caucus had any respect for themselves, they would condemn McKinney.

    I've never liked Cynthia McKinney from the moment she was first elected in 1992 and I was not happy to see her return to Congress in 2004.  I've never respected African-Americans who are so quick to play the race card and not take responsibility for themselves instead of blaming other people.

    Even if Cynthia McKinney was a victim of racial profiling, that doesn't give her an excuse to hit that officer.  If the Democrats fail to win the House this year, I will blame Cynthia McKinney.  She has given the Republicans all the ammunition they need to paint us as weak on security.

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      You represent a disgusting trend in the democratic party towards racism against blacks and arabs.  Hopefully someone with some sense will nip this in the bud and the "party of the people"  can start representing people and not corporations and foreign nations.

      •  Uppity people like you part of the problem. (0+ / 0-)

        Thanks for proving my point.  We're not allowed to criticize blacks without being called racist.

        •  uppity and proud (0+ / 0-)

          It's not for criticizing Rep. McKinney that I find fault with you, it's for doing it as part of a campaign to ostracize her from her own party when she has served exceedingly well, better, in fact, than most Democratic lawmakers.  She has pretty much singlehandedly pressed the Pentagon for disclosure of the missing TRILLIONS that Rumsfeld admitted THE DAY BEFORE 9/11.  She has taken issue with the laughable 9-11 commission report that seeks to shield the real perpetrators of those terrible acts of treason and murder.  And for this she gets the AIPAC crowd to stack cash against her in her primary, and the likes of you feigning shock, SHOCK, that she would react negatively to being harassed at her workplace after the information is leaked, Rove-like, to gain traction in variously misleading iterations of rumor and innuendo.  You can deny you're a racist all you want, and fight for your right to single out effective black Congresspeople.  It doesn't change the facts.  And until I can criticize Israel (NOT Jews, ISRAEL--a country that spies on America time and time again, develops nuclear weapons in secret, and usurps land and water from its subject peoples in exchange for being a top recipient of U.S. taxpayer money) without being branded a holocaust-denying Nazi-lover, then you can deal with the consequences of criticizing an upstanding young Congressperson who does not toe the line and keep to "her place".

          •  Another poster said you cry 'racism' a lot. (1+ / 0-)
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            Another poster said you have a long history of crying "racism" at every single negative incident involving a person of color and that you hang the "racist" label on everybody who doesn't agree with you.

            Nothing personal, but unless the Democrats have the courage to wash itself of people who play the race card at every opportunity people like you get, than the Democrats will deserve to remain a minority party.

            •  how about Patrick Kennedy? (0+ / 0-)

              the democrats definitely deserve to be a minority party, and so do the republicans.  they have both institutionally failed us.  individually though, there have been shining examples of courage and of those is Congressman McKinney.  All the hooplah about some alleged "incident" that seems, even if true to amount to very little, is clearly not genuine outrage but part of a smear campaign that has everything to do both with her positions on 9-11 and the fact that she is a black woman.  

              How much of this "outrage" was expressed when Patrick Kennedy shoved a female airport security staff member because she expected him to follow the standard procedure and wait for her ok to pass through the metal detector?  you can call me whatever you want but anyone can see you all have some very specific gripes with Congresswoman McKinney.

              •  Patrick Kennedy took responsibility quickly. (1+ / 0-)
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                Patrick Kennedy admitted he used very poor judgement and quickly apologized.  He even settled out of court with her, even though I thought her lawsuit against him was bogus.

                Yes, I have gripes with Cynthia McKinney.  Unlike what you believe, her skin color has nothing to do with it.  
                She had at least two run-ins with White House security when Clinton was president.  She has made irresponsible statements that Bush had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.  She apologized to a Saudi prince when Giuliani returned his $10M check after he made comments criticizing U.S. policy on Israel.  She suggested to the Saudi prince that if Giuliani doesn't want the check, then maybe he can give it to "her people".

                Unlike McKinney, I don't refer to white people as "my people" or "my brothers and sisters".

                •  irresponsible statements how? (0+ / 0-)

                  but not wrong statements.  i think your choice of words is telling!  i think the most responsible thing people can do is to call out liars.  yet you single out McKinney for a minor infraction--you know how many stupid little things all those politicians do?  Why pick her to go after?  It's not her race is it--it's her agenda!  OK, so what's wrong with her agenda again?  Too tough on Bush and doesn't seem to love Israel as much as AIPAC would like?  Show me how she has hurt the Democratic Party to merit being hung out to dry!  

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              •  Another thing. (1+ / 0-)
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                I'd like to add that I do take offense when the Republicans say that Cynthia McKinney's actions were proof that the Democrats are weak on security.

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