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    Let's be honest with each other before we start kidding ourselves.  Censure will actually help the Repubs at this point.  It will be a rallying cry used against the Democrats through November.  Feingold's intentions may be good, but Obama's are prudent and realistic.  

    If you have paid attention to Obama for 1 minute, you will note he is playing his cards carefully and stepping up to fight real issues, not smoke and mirrors.  He clearly gets that politics is not a science of absolutes, but the art of compromise.  Like it or not, that is the way the game is played here in the real world.

    I am with all of you that the "president" spit in the eye of the FISA law and the American people.  Anyone can build a "legal" case, that in the end is made up of nothing more then BS.

    I know this is not going to be a popular statement here, but we need to be sure and keep our powder dry over the next 8 months to ensure we are capable of winning at least one house of Congress.  At that point, the Dems will be able to deliver more than a symbolic censure gesture.  With control, comes our chance to subpoena and hold the real hearings that need to be held.

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