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View Diary: "Straight-Talk" Spinning On Meet The Press (272 comments)

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    With stuff like the Falwell embracing and the Iraq/Iran Bush love, it's only a matter of time before most Americans realize who McCain actually is, and not the straight-talkin' maverick.  I think georgia put it best here:

    What we saw in that interview was the death of McCain the Maverick, and the birth of McCain the Chameleon. If there was any doubt that McCain is--with his eye on a presidential bid--a politician to the core, this interview should snuff that doubt out. Flapping about like a fish out of water, McCain showed America that he will sacrifice his principles to pander to the religious right, and that he will do anything to remain in good favor with the President.  He wants the 2008 nomination--badly. But with interviews like this, the Presidency is slipping further and further away from his grasp.

    Now let's just hope that the waffle-brigade the far right has jumps on McCain, and that someone who is even less likable than him (say, like either the God-warrior Brownback, Mormon-boy Romney, or Frist.) And of course, Giuliani's too moderate to become the nominee, because while he hates pictures of the Virgin Mary in poo, he does like stuff that the Far Right would get pissed off about.  

    I think we should be more freaked out about Chuck Hagel right now.  Hagel criticizes, but doesn't vote against, the Bushies, and on top of that, was the former CEO of Election Systems & Software (see AIS and Election 2000 on this one).  For those of you who don't see connections between former CEOs and their companies, may I direct you to Exhibit A, Richard Cheney and Halliburton?  Basically, Chuckie could sway the moderates who don't know better or look at voting records, and the voting machines do like him.

    So, while McCain is the big boy now, we need to watch out for Chuckie too.

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