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View Diary: "Straight-Talk" Spinning On Meet The Press (272 comments)

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  •  McCain was all along puzzlingly weird (0+ / 0-)

    From now on we'll be shown why - today's interview including.
    I was never very fond of McCain, and could not get around to raving over him even back in 2000 when people were cool to Gore and said they could live with a McCain GOP Presidency.
    Apart from the Jerry Falwell support, the about face on tax-cuts for the rich there are a whole host of things that distrurb me about him

    • his campaign finance reform was no boon to the Dems
    • his support of Bush (allowing W's grubby paws on him, allowing him to kiss him - ugh!) after the SwiftBoating of Kerry was UNCONSCIONABLE for a Vietnam Vet
    • his support of Bush, before the war, after knowing the intelligence was cooked, after the NSA story, after the mismanagement of the war was all consistent with his being just a big dirt-bag

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