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  •  Like it or not, the world (2+ / 0-)
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    llih, BradtheDad

    isn't divided between mean, racist, hypocritical white people and good, tolerant non-white people (or white people who agree with 100% of the goals of non-white people).  Lots of people believe lots of different things and attempts to tar them with the same brush are a waste of time.  Yet I've seen a lot of comments that, in the midst of defending non-white Mexicans from racism, attack people whose ancestors all came from Europe.  How is that not racist?

    A lot of people have complicated feelings about illegal immigration -- I've heard from people who support legal immigration but are opposed to illegal immigration, people who are sympathetic toward illegal immigrants but were uncomfortable seeing the Mexican flag flying so prominently at the rallies, people who think they should all stay, people who think they should all go.  The white people I've heard from don't belong to a country club or a gated community.  Black people I've heard from are worried about their jobs.  They, people with Asian ancestry, Latinos, everyone has an opinion and every opinion is going to be a little different, based on their own personal experiences.  You can't just put them in a neat "racist" or "non-racist" box.

    And like it or not, if you believe in a diverse United States, you're going to have to accept that you will be living amongst these different groups of people for the rest of your life.  Just as Americans of the South are dreaming when they think that they can make an America that is 100% white and Christian, people who talk about a Latino political wave should realize that the U.S. is still going to be made up of non-Latino groups and not everyone in those groups is going to support all of their goals.  For that matter, not all Latinos are bound to support "Latino" goals, either.

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