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    The immigration debate is a microcosm of all that has gone wrong with the Democratic Party specifically but the left in general.  Instead of fighting for the interests of poor Americans, the Democratic Party made two historic mistakes.

    First, it simply ceded the business community to Republicans as a constituency.  Because of over-reliance on organized labor, it adopted unions' adversarial stance towards business, thus pushing business into the arms of Republicans, who were in the middle of being transformed into a party of radicals.  This is the root of the GOP corruption we see today.

    Second, it began to value cultural and ethnic politics more highly than economics.  This is what we see in the immigration debate.  Liberals are much more animated about the whiff of anti-Mexican feeling that bubbles just under the surface of the immigration debate than they are about the economic issues.  Solidarity with the third world, "oppressed" people and other victims is what really get the blood pumping.  You are right to call this a class thing.  Many liberals coldn't give two shits about working class blue collar people.

    The first of these issues is somewhat ususual, I admit.  But I firmly believe that had the Democrats tried harder to cultivate the business community, the worst excesses of Republicanism might have been prevented.  Regardless, the worst thing the Democrats can do going forward is to perpetuate the anti-business prejudice, thereby writing off a key constituency and any hope of actually moderating the influence of business on politics.  

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