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View Diary: Ken Blackwell owned shares in Diebold; Gingrich endorses him today (129 comments)

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  •  The GOP political strategy (11+ / 0-)

    for getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar:

    1.  I didn't do anything wrong. (DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Abramoff, Savavian, Wilkes)
    1.  I didn't know about it. (Frist, DeLay, Libby)
    1.  The facts are unclear. (Miller, Rummy)
    1.  My minions misunderstood my instructions. (M. Stewart)
    1.  Ok, if we need to look at this, we will. (Hastert, Roberts)
    1.  I was just doing my job. (Libby, Rove, Rummy)
    1.  I didn't know about it. (All of the above)
    1.  Unless I'm indicted, I didn't do anything wrong.
    1.  If I'm indicted, I'll be exonerated.
    1. I'll resign to spend time with my family before I'm caught.
    •  I see a political ad like this. . . (6+ / 0-)

      for 2006 only the second line should read:  for profiting at the expense of the American people, and it should include Bush (every single crooked member of that criminal enterprise called a "family")and Cheney WITH PICTURES.  

      Then the tag line.  A picture of whatever Republican candidate is running, and a question:  

       "Do you want to vote for more of the same?"

      And no, it is not slander to paint every single Republican with the same brush,  because every candidate taking money from the party knows where it is coming from.  The entire Republican Party is corrupt.

      •  If they can wrap (0+ / 0-)

        Hillary Clinton and Tom Daschle around every Democrat's neck in radio and TV ads (and make that sound like the coming of the apocalpyse)... well, by God, two can play at that game.

        -6.88, -2.97 All actions -- especially votes -- have consequences.

        by bwintx on Tue Apr 04, 2006 at 10:51:01 AM PDT

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