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  •  Stop loss defined (2+ / 0-)
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    ladybug53, Lashe

    Basically, a stop loss says that personnel will not be released from their active duty commitment, even if they've already served their obligated time.  In the Navy, this is usually tied to the person's job (i.e. SEALs, hospital corpsman) or specialized skills (Arabic speakers).  Not sure if that's how it works for the Army and the other services.

    •  For the Army, (2+ / 0-)
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      ladybug53, Lashe

      if you're stop-lossed, that means that the Army can continue to keep you Active Duty for a length of time after your original separation date.  I believe the current extension is in 30-day increments, but I'm not positive on that.

      At least in Desert Storm, Bush Sr.'s Dept of Army had the balls to TELL the soldiers that they were stop-lossed indefinitely.  They knew then not to get their hopes up every month.  

      My hubby was stop-lossed for a total of 7 months. By the time he got home, I had EVERYTHING already packed and ready for the movers to ship us back stateside.  LOL, it took us two weeks for him to outprocess instead of the usual month.

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